Welcome to Trinity Presbyterian Church

Welcome to Trinity Presbyterian Church. We are a community of people held together by the love of Christ. We are moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, kids, teenagers, young adults and retirees all listening for God's call in our lives. We are teachers and school administrators, bus drivers, pharmacists, small business owners and community servants of all kinds who love being a part of what Jesus in doing in the world. 

The mission of Trinity Presbyterian Church is to share the love and word of Christ through scripture, fellowship, service, and worship — both within and beyond our church family.

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Our Vision Statement
We worship God. We seek to nurture our members in the ways of the Lord. We want to raise up our families in faithfulness to Christ.

We also believe we are a mission post in the Mercer area. We strive to notice the unnoticed. We want to welcome visitors into our fellowship. We believe we must also be willing to go out to the community as a witnessing and servant people.

Our goal and prayer are to always have one foot standing firm in the church and the other foot planted in the community. We pledge ourselves to the effort of finding new and creative ways to do this.